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Dedicated Special Education Lawyer in Melville, NY

Every child is entitled to equal treatment in the classroom. However, in many situations, children with special needs find themselves at risk of falling behind in school due to a lack of resources available to them. As a parent, you may be wondering what you can do in addition to attending school board meetings and PTA conferences. At the Law Offices of Brad H. Rosken PLLC, I am here to stand by your side throughout your situation. I am a special education lawyer in Melville, NY, and I focus on providing personal service to you and your family. My disability law firm represents children and parents exclusively, and we do not serve the interests of any school districts. If you're unsure about the services your child is entitled to or you’re struggling with your school district, feel free to schedule a consultation and I will be happy to assist you.

Consult a Special Education Law Office

As the parent of a child with special needs, you have a detailed understanding of what they need each day to succeed and stay mentally and physically healthy. Whether you are trying to set up your child’s first Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and don’t know what to expect or if your child is experiencing disciplinary difficulties at school, my firm and I are here to stand by your side. As the parent of a special needs child myself, I understand many of the problems you are facing. As an experienced and dedicated attorney, I am committed to resolving your situation so your child has the resources they need to do well in school and the rest of their life.

My firm is fully knowledgeable in all areas of education and disability law for students. No matter what special education legal services your situation calls for, I am here to fight for your child’s rights and needs. My goal is to provide you with the individual attention you need so that you can focus on your family, rather than a seemingly endless battle with your child’s school or district.

In many cases, when a child’s school is not providing the necessary resources for its students with special needs, the cause is not willful withholding of the student’s rights, but simple ignorance on the part of teachers and administrators who may be inexperienced with your child’s specific needs. My special education law firm helps you address the proper people in the school district and, if necessary, file specific motions that should help your child get access to the resources they need.

Staying Updated in Educational Law

The start of each new school year often brings with it a series of changes to school law standards. It is important to stay on top of these changes in regulations to understand the rights that your children are entitled to as they attend school. While these changes to law may seem relatively minor, they can have a big impact on your child’s school experience. For example, if the change in law means that an additional document must be filed by the parents in order for a child to receive the resources they need, they may be forced to attend school for several weeks while the document confusion is sorted.

As a parent, I am committed to staying current on this area of disability law while my son completes his final few years in the public education system as well as beyond. I am here to use this knowledge to fight for you and your family.

Payment Arrangements

I work hard to keep my rates affordable for each of my special education legal services. You have several options to choose from for your billing methods. Determining which specific fee structure is right for your family takes some time and will be addressed at our initial meeting. The structure depends upon your child’s specific needs and such needs will not be determined until after our initial meeting. No matter what your child needs, my firm will work tirelessly to ensure they receive the resources they are due by the law.

Contact my law office to request a consultation about your child’s situation. I represent special educational children and their families throughout the Melville, New York, area.


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