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A Caring and Experienced Special Education Lawyer

Every child is entitled to equal treatment in the classroom. In reality, children with disabilities face a lack of resources in schools and often find themselves at risk of falling behind. Apart from attending PTA and school board meetings, you may be asking what else you can do as a parent to help your child.

You can contact the Law Offices of Brad H. Rosken, PLLC, for the services of a caring special education lawyer on Long Island, NY. Schedule a consultation today and learn how my law firm can bring its expertise to your situation. We work exclusively with children and parents and are ready to work with you too.

Working Together With You

You are the most well-informed person on the needs of your child and what they need to succeed while also staying physically and mentally healthy. My team and I are prepared to stand by you, whether you’re attempting to create your child’s first Individualized Education Plan or need to deal with disciplinary issues at school. In addition to being an experienced and dedicated special needs lawyer, I am also the parent of a special needs child myself. This combination gives me unique insight into resolving your situation and delivering what’s best for your child so they can do well in school and life.

At my firm, we are thoroughly knowledgeable about education and disability law and will stand at your side to fight for your child’s special education rights and needs. We give you individual attention so that you can focus on your family and not endless battles with officials.

We have found, over the years, that simple ignorance on the part of teachers and administrators is the cause of diminished resources for your child, not the willful withholding of rights. Together, we will approach the right people in your school district and file specific disability law motions if necessary.

Keeping Current with the Law

As a lawyer for children, I keep current with any changes to school law standards that are enacted. In this way, my firm can make sure your child receives the rights they are entitled to at school. Minor changes can have a major impact, so we look at each one carefully. I am committed to staying current in this area of disability law as my son was afflicted with Cerebral Palsy at a very young age, and I’ll apply this knowledge to your family as well.

Extended Practice Areas

While I focus heavily on special education law, I invite clients to contact me about my other services. My experience includes personal injury law, criminal law, and real estate. There are several subsets within each practice area, and I’m happy to assist with your case.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases typically arise out of one party’s negligence. Incidents can include construction site accidents, slip-and-falls, and car wrecks. As soon as you experience an accident, put your trust in me as your personal injury lawyer, and I’ll open a case to protect your health and future.

Criminal Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you’ll need a criminal lawyer. I’ll review the details of your case and establish a defense to work toward a positive outcome.

Real Estate Law

Whether buying a house or selling one, the process can be challenging to navigate without a knowledgeable lawyer. I can prepare all the documents needed to make the purchase or sale of your property a smooth transaction.

When dealing with the law, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Call to schedule an appointment, and I’ll start the process of protecting your best interests.

Affordable Options

I work hard to offer reasonable rates and provide several billing options. Choosing a specific fee structure for your family may take time, and we can address it at our initial meeting. You can rest assured that when you contact my firm, we will be ready to work for you.


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