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Ask About an Early Resolution Meeting in Melville, NY

Protecting your family is your foremost concern, and as your lawyer, my responsibility is to protect the rights of your children as citizens of the District. In cases where negotiations are unsuccessful, an early resolution meeting for Melville, NY, parents may be the answer.

Developing a Resolution

The primary purpose of early resolution meetings is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, fairly, and respectfully. Problem-solving mechanisms such as coaching, mediation, and facilitation often result in a positive outcome, and a lawyer’s assistance is a significant advantage to your case. The value in this process is the speed at which an issue may be resolved, often with favorable results.

Your Child’s Advocate

Reaching an amicable agreement can sometimes take more time than anticipated, but the value in a successful outcome could mean all the difference to your child. As your child’s advocate, I will ensure you have the information you need and are prepared to address any issues that may arise.

If you and your family are facing a complex process that requires a lawyer for children’s rights, give my office a call. I will help you navigate the system and work diligently toward an outcome that will satisfy all parties.

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