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Special Education Attorney in Melville, NY

Your special needs child requires an advocate with the dedication of a parent and the professionalism of a lawyer. You can have both when you work with the Law Offices of Brad H. Rosken PLLC. As your special education attorney in Melville, NY, I look out for your child’s rights as devotedly as I’ve done for my son.

My Story

At age 2, my son received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. When he went to school, my wife and I attended our first school board meeting. As a father and lawyer, I challenged the board to make sure my son, Sam, received the services he needed. This involved cross-examining the school’s psychologist.

Sam did get the help he needed, but it was evident other parents and their special needs children required assistance, too. This was when I started studying education law. I’ve learned that negotiating with the school board achieves the best results for the student. However, I can serve as your impartial hearing officer if necessary.

My Legal Background

I served as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting criminal cases for the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. My next position was as a personal injury attorney, protecting the rights of those injured through negligence. This tells you I can get tough when safeguarding my clients’ rights.

As you can tell, this is an issue that remains close to my heart. As a special education attorney, I advocate for your child.

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