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Special Education Attorney in Melville, NY

Your special needs child requires an advocate with the dedication of a parent and the professionalism of a lawyer. You can have both when you work with the Law Offices of Brad H. Rosken PLLC. As your special education attorney in Melville, NY, I look out for your child’s rights as devotedly as I’ve done for my son.

My Story

At age 2, my son received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. When he went to school, my wife and I attended our first school board meeting. As a father and lawyer, I challenged the board to make sure my son, Sam, received the services he needed. This involved cross-examining the school’s psychologist.

Sam did get the help he needed, but it was evident other parents and their special needs children required assistance, too. This was when I started studying education law. I’ve learned that negotiating with the school board achieves the best results for the student. However, I can serve as your impartial hearing officer if necessary.

Consider A Special Needs Trust

Parents or guardians of children with disabilities should consider setting up a special needs trust. By doing, so, you can protect their financial future while also retaining their eligibility for supportive programs and funding. Whether your child was born with special needs or their circumstances resulting from an accident, as special education and injury lawyer, I can help.

A trust is an excellent way to create a financial source for a disabled person while the trustee manages the expenditures. It’s established as a legal arrangement protected by law. As your child ages into adulthood, their needs will change, and so will their finances. Creating trust can provide special needs individuals with the independence they require while also safeguarding their fiduciary responsibilities.

A trust also offers peace of mind for the people protecting the best interest of the disabled person. It’s a good idea to speak to a special education lawyer to discuss your situation. As parents or guardians of a disabled individual are aware, every case is unique and requires a tailored approach. If you believe a special needs trust is something you require, please reach out to me to discuss your situation.

My Legal Background

I served as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting criminal cases for the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. My next position was as a personal injury attorney, protecting the rights of those injured through negligence. This tells you I can get tough when safeguarding my clients’ rights.

As you can tell, this is an issue that remains close to my heart. As a special education attorney, I advocate for your child.

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